Web forms to serve community housing clients

July 29, 2020

Link Housing has a commitment to delivering high quality services to our community housing tenants and clients and a commitment to environmental sustainability.

To deliver on these commitments, today we are excited to launch a new web form – our Income Review Form, for tenants in social housing properties. This form is to be completed if you have a change of circumstances and your rental subsidy needs to be reviewed.

The Income Review Form will be the first of many of our community housing client forms that will be available as a ‘web form’ in addition to its hard copy version.

The web form can be completed and submitted directly from the Link Housing website, which you can access from your mobile or computer.

Our community housing tenants may be familiar with our Contact Us, Repairs, Feedback or Affordable Housing Application web forms here on our website.

How do web forms work?

Web forms can be filled, signed and submitted on the web page. PDF, Word or image files can also be attached if required.

A copy of the form and documents will be emailed to us and our team/s will follow up with you shortly after.

Some of our forms, including the Income Review form will have a “save and continue” button, which allows you to a link to form to your email address to complete later. Find this button at the bottom of the form. Also see important information about privacy at the bottom of each form.

You can contact us to be guided through the process.

Why web forms?

The forms are easy to access and complete. They will allow us to continue to provide a contactless service and serve our community housing clients who prefer a completely digital service. The web forms are part of our broader plan to ‘go digital’.

The decreased need for ‘print and post’ forms will make our services more sustainable by reducing paper waste and it will also reduce clutter in your letterbox.

What if I don’t have access to the internet or prefer to use a hard copy form?

If you can’t access our web forms or prefer to receive forms in hard copy form, we will make sure we continue to serve you.  All our forms are still available as hard copy forms to email, post or for pick up from our offices.

Contact us for more details

If you are one of our community housing clients and have questions about our web forms or digital services, please call 9412 5111 or email enquiries@linkhousing.org.au.