Tenant Story – Nadine’s good heart

September 18, 2018

We are so proud to have such a great mix of tenants at Link Housing, everyone with a story and background as important as the other. We love to find out these stories and give our amazing tenants the appreciation they deserve. And no one is more deserving of this than Nadine.

A born and bred North Sydney native, Nadine recently moved into Social Housing. Despite all her own personal challenges, Nadine gave up her own time to volunteer for Christian Community Aid, Eastwood. Recently recognised by Ryde Council in their Volunteer Awards, we spoke to Nadine to understand her drive to help the most vulnerable in our community.

Tell us a bit about how you came to know Link Housing?

Due to a disability, I had been living in accommodation paid for by my parents. When they had decided to sell the property I was in, I was at risk of becoming homeless and was put on the priority list for a social housing property. I was on the list for two years before Link Housing gave me my first property in Artarmon.

What has it been like being part of the Link Housing community?

It’s been fantastic. I have so much respect for the people at Link Housing. My Housing Managers, Kerrie and (Leasehold Property Coordinator) Davina did everything they could to help me with a complex move into my new unit recently.

In 2009 you contracted Meningococcal and now have permanent numbness in one foot. Despite all of this, you found your way into volunteering. Tell us about how that all began.

After recovering, I wanted to start working or doing something again. I couldn’t do full-time work because of my condition so thought I would start volunteering to get my foot back in the door. I chose Christian Community Aid, Eastwood because it was local to me and I believed in their work to help the most vulnerable in our area – the elderly, people with disabilities, and those at risk of homelessness. I started on telephone support where I linked people who called in to support services. Often, they just wanted someone to talk to and I was happy to oblige.

Has volunteering helped you in any other way?

I think it has given me perspective. Before I worked there, I would never have cared so much and realised how difficult it is for some people. From Meals on Wheels to aged care, medical transport and care for those with dementia, the organisation does so much for the community and it is work and support that is absolutely needed so that these people can survive.

What are your hopes for the future?

In terms of my work, I would like to get some paid part-time work so that I can still do the volunteering. My son is now an apprentice motor mechanic and was staying with me every other weekend. I am looking forward to moving back to my newly fitted apartment so he can start to stay with me again. Besides that, I just want to continue to do the things that I enjoy and that are good for my health and wellbeing – going to the gym, playing with my budgie Fudge, spending time with my family and playing with the neighbours’ kids.

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