Tenant JobKeeper assessment update

October 15, 2020

We wish to let our tenants know there has been a minor change to our JobKeeper Assessment rules.

Link Housing’s tenant JobKeeper Assessment follows the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) rent subsidy policy assessment rules relating to COVID-19 stimulus payments including JobKeeper and JobSeeker.

What has changed? 

From Monday 28 September 2020 JobKeeper payments have been reduced. You can read about how this changes Link Housing’s JobKeeper Assessment for each recipient Tier below.

There are two Tiers. You are a Tier 1 if you work 80 or more hours over a four-week pay period. You are Tier 2 if you worked less than 80 hours over a four-week pay period.

  • Tier 1 – recipients now receive $1200.00 per fortnight. The assessable amount remains the same at $950.00 per fortnight.  
  • Tier 2 – recipients now receive $750.00 per fortnight. Tenants receiving $750 per fortnight will be charged the same as tenants receiving JobSeeker, which is the minimum income for a rental subsidy. 

When doing the tenant JobKeeper Assessment, Link Housing’s income review officers will now subtract $250 from the gross fortnightly wage of Tier 1 JobKeeper recipients before processing the rental subsidy.

Are you eligible for Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA)? How to apply?

Tier 2 recipients are eligible for CRA. In order to be eligible for CRA your income must not exceed $1,080 per fortnight. If you need help applying for CRA, please contact us.

How can you find out more?

If you have questions or need help with understanding the tenant JobKeeper Assessment or any of Link Housing’s services at this time, please call our Client Services team on 9412 5111 or email enquiries@linkhousing.org.au.

Link Housing wants to ensure our tenants remain in their homes and are safe and secure. Visit our Your Rent and Income page to see changes to the Government Coronavirus payments and how we are helping our tenants.

We continue to be responsive to government decisions and announcements.

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