Start your Plastic Free July journey

July 29, 2020

Plastic Free July is a global movement that allows individuals and businesses to be part of the solution to end the use of single-use plastics.

Link Housing is committed to sustainability and we have taken a number of actions to start to reduce our organisation’s ‘footprint.’

For individuals, trying to be more plastic-free is a personal choice and something that you can work towards to the best of your ability – all efforts are valuable!

There are many ways to start your journey, to use less single-use plastics and help create cleaner streets, parks and oceans. Here are three simple ways to start, from Jack, a member of Link Housing’s Green Committee.

1. Reusable drink containers

We all have a favourite drink – coffee or maybe something sweet. Swap the plastic cup for a reusable cup next time.

This can be a keep cup, but many people take their favourite ceramic cup or even a sterilised jar. You can even buy reusable straws!

Keep cups have been a focus of Link Housing sustainability efforts. At events like Home Sweet we include keep cups in our goodie bags. And last year, our dedicated Green Committee with members from all areas of the business, encouraged all staff to join their Keep Cup campaign which really took off when our leader and CEO Andrew McAnulty personally encouraged everyone to join the cause.  

The same idea works for takeaway food. Learn more on the Plastic Free July website.

2. Food storage at home

Prefer to start in your home? Looking at the way you store and pack food is a great first step.

Try to use reusable glass or plastic containers or think ‘outside the bowl’ by using an upside-down plate to cover a bowl instead of cling-wrap.

Read more tips on the Plastic Free July website.

3. Soap

Forget the plastic bottles. Soap bars can be brought completely waste free in pharmacies and other shops. You can even get your hands on shampoo and face wash bars.

See what else you can do in your bathroom on the Plastic Free July website.

Remember, we can all set a realistic personal goal that we can work towards. Ready to start? Read a success story for more inspiration.