Service Updates for Tenants -Autumn Newsletter

March 16, 2020

What to do in an emergency: Given the recent bushfires, storms and Coronavirus, we want to remind all residents that our staff are here to help. Visit the Help in an Emergency page on our website for more information. 


Updates on our website: You will find content about our services and your rights and responsibilities as a tenant on our website. We have recently updated our Tenant Handbook to be easier to read and added two new factsheets on how to request a repair and why and when Link Housing might access your property.

Centrelink Consent: Link Housing is currently making sure we have up to date and signed Consent Forms from all residents. The Consent Form allows Link Housing to access your income details directly from Centrelink and calculate your rent. By signing the form, tenants who receive Centrelink payments won’t need to send Link Housing income documents twice a year. For more information or a form, contact our Client Services Team, your Housing Manager, or email

We used to send you the Health and Wellbeing survey to complete every few years. It is now online and administered by Housing Manages during their visits to you. We will share information about the survey results next newsletter to help provide more of what you need in terms of health and wellbeing.

If you have any questions about these updates please call us on (02) 9412 5111 or email