Save money on winter energy bills

June 12, 2019

Is winter driving up your energy bills? Check out our new fact sheet on how to cut down your energy costs and help save the environment too.

Cut down energy costs at home

Our top tips for putting the freeze on your home energy costs this winter include:

1. Turn on your ceiling fan and set your heating to between 18°C and 21°C. The fan circulates the warm air around your home.

2. Close windows, curtains, blinds and doors to keep the heat inside.

3. In the kitchen, use lids on pots or microwave safe containers to speed up cooking.

4. Turn off appliances, such as televisions or computers, at the wall when not in use. Leaving appliances on standby drains energy and increases your bills.

5. Check the Energy Rating stickers on your appliances, like washing machines or refrigerators. The more stars, the cheaper your appliance is to run.

6. Use energy efficient lightbulbs, such as LEDs. They will help cut down your power bill a lot.

7. Wash your clothes in cold water and dry them on a clothesline or clothes horse. Hot water and automatic clothes dryers increase your energy costs.

Bonus energy saving tips

And to save even more on your energy bills, try these bonus suggestions:

1. Call your energy provider and ask about their hardship program. They might offer a flexible payment plan or even drop a late payment charge. And if you’re not satisfied, shop around for another energy provider offering a better deal for your needs.

2. Apply for a rebate from the NSW Government. The Government offers rebates on energy bills to certain households such as pensioners, those on Family Tax Benefits, or those using life support equipment. Visit Energy Saver – Households for details.

3. Receive generous discounts on new appliances if you replace your old appliances through the NSW Government’s Appliance Replacement Offer. You could receive 50% off a new television or 40% off a new fridge. Apply online now.

For more information

Check out our energy saving fact sheet here.