Rent and Water Payments

Please read your Tenant Handbook or Lease agreement for details about when you are required to pay your rent and water and other related payment obligations. 

We want to make it easy for you to make your payments on time and from wherever you are. We offer a number of ways that you can make your rent and water payments. 


  • Use the deposit book supplied at your lease sign up and directly deposit the money at a Commonwealth Bank branch
  • Visit the Link Housing Chatswood office and use our EFTPOS facility to deduct the payment from your bank account. A reminder that credit card and cash payments are not accepted by Link Housing.


  • Do a Netbank transfer to the account of Link Housing
  • Arrange your bank to make the payments for you using Direct Deposit
  • Use the Centrepay facility through Centrelink. A free option that can be arranged at your lease signup. This option is not available to all tenants. Please contact Link if you wish to pay your rent using the Centrepay facility. 

Water Charges

Link Housing charges Water Usage under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 No. 42 (s139) which was amended in July 2012 to allow landlords to charge water usage to tenants under a social housing agreement. All water charges are implemented in accordance with the Link Housing Ltd Water Charging Policy, which was developed in accordance with the guidelines of the Minister for Family and Community Services.

Tenants are charged water usage quarterly and can pay via Centrepay or by using their deposit book.

More information can be found on the Link Housing Water Usage Fact Sheet.

How is your rent calculated?

If you are a social housing tenant and entitled to receive a rental subsidy your rent will be calculated on your income at least twice a year. Further information is contained in the How We Calculate Your Rent Factsheet.

What if I fall behind on my rent payments?

If your rent falls into arrears you will be contacted by your Housing Manager and asked to make a payment to rectify the arrears in full.  If you are unable to do this you are required to contact your Housing Manager to come to a Repayment Agreement.  If your rent remains in arrears and you have not made contact with your Housing Manager you may be issued with a Notice to Remedy which will give you a set period of time to pay your arrears or negotiate a repayment agreement.

If you do not respond to the Notice to Remedy and have not paid your arrears and your rent is now more than two weeks in arrears, you will be issued with a Termination Notice.  Your Housing Manager will apply to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) for a hearing to determine a Specific Performance Order (SPO) by negotiation with you.  If you are unable or unwilling to come to an agreement with your Housing Manager for repayment of your debt, or if you do not comply with the conditions of the SPO, Link Housing may apply for an order to end the tenancy. See Link Housing’s Managing Rent and Other Arrears Policy.

Tenants have the right to Appeal decisions made regarding rents and arrears through the Link Housing Complaints and Appeals process.

What is the NCAT?

The NCAT (NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal) is a specialist, independent accessible Tribunal which, firstly, assists parties to come to a fair and timely resolution of residential tenancy disputes including rental arrears, property damage and more, in compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act 2010. Link Housing will only access hearings at the NCAT when we are unable to come to an agreement with the tenant. (For further information visit the NCAT website @  

Support at the NCAT?

Tenants who are facing a hearing at the NCAT can request assistance from a tenancy advisory service. Tenants who live in the Northern Sydney area can contact the Northern Sydney Area Tenant Service (NSATS) for assistance, they can assist tenants with any matters that can be heard at the NCAT.  NSATS can be reached on 9884-8558 or visit the website