Our Growth

We are pleased to announce a merger with Wentworth Community Housing aimed at delivering enhanced affordable housing and services that will better assist our community.

Faced with the growing NSW housing crisis, Tier 1 providers Link Housing and Wentworth Community Housing recognised that they could do more to solve the housing crisis and help the community by working together.

With our aligned values, vision and mission, a merger agreement was recently signed to bring the two organisations together under a new name, Link Wentworth Housing Ltd (Link Wentworth), with a target Day 1 date of Wednesday 31 March 2021, to begin operating as a single organisation.

This exciting new merger is about growth and sustainability. As a merged organisation, Link Wentworth will be one of the largest CHPs in Australia, managing over 6,300 homes with around 10,000 residents and 200 staff.

We will be ideally positioned to provide better services to our clients and more social and affordable housing to meet the ever-growing demand. With an increased scale of operations, broader coverage of Sydney and surrounds, and more than 70 years of combined experience, the merger will see the new organisation:

Deliver more housing – with greater scale and financial strength, becoming a preferred partner for initiatives that increase the supply of social and affordable housing
Provide expanded services – for their tenants and people who are experiencing housing stress and homelessness
Advocate for greater change – using their combined voice, reputation and position to influence policy and public perception
Increase their effectiveness – leveraging economies of scale to invest in improved systems, technology, services and solutions
Be an employer of choice – building on existing strengths and reputations to grow, and create greater job and career opportunities for staff.

Information for our tenants

Link Housing tenants are being kept informed about the merger through our tenant newsletter. If you are a Link Housing tenant, please see the most recent Merger FAQs for tenants.

Leadership appointments

The Boards of Link Housing and Wentworth Community Housing completed a process to determine the CEO and Chair of the new organisation.

Current CEO of Link Housing, Andrew McAnulty, has been appointed CEO elect of Link Wentworth and will be responsible for bringing together the best of the two organisations.

CEO of Wentworth Community Housing, Stephen McIntyre, was invited to participate in the process, however for personal reasons has opted not to continue a full-time executive career. Instead he is keen to pursue Board opportunities, whilst maintaining his long-standing commitment to addressing social and economic disadvantage. He will continue as CEO of Wentworth until Day 1 of the new organisation.

The Link Wentworth Board composition is as follows: 

Mike Allen is a respected industry leader, independent housing advisor and former Chief Executive of Housing NSW with over 30 years of experience in social housing management. We are delighted to have Mike join the team in a consulting capacity until his official role starts on Day 1 of the new organisation. Mike has a strong commitment to the values and principles of social housing and providing high quality housing services for those most in need.

Next steps 

We now embark on a period of integration planning to take us to Day 1 of our new organisation on 31 March 2021, when we will officially become Link Wentworth. We are committed to taking our integration step by step and to completing it over a period of 18 months or so to ensure we can continue to deliver the same high standard of services to our clients and the community. 

For more information please click on the media announcement below or contact Link Housing on the details below.

Read Link Wentworth Housing’s media release.

Media and General Enquiries

Please contact Brianna Ragel, Head of Marketing and Communications, Link Housing on (02) 9412 5111 or email our dedicated email address at .