nbn network switch – information for residents

January 23, 2020

Have you received a letter about the NBN coming to your area in the mail? Have you seen construction workers on your property?

NBN Co is rolling out the new way to connect to the internet. Read how broadband gets to you to understand the process.

What to do now?

  1. Check if you’ve received a letter like the one above or any other letters that mention a switch to the nbn from your phone, internet or medical device providers.
  2. Follow the instructions in these letters. If you need help to understand what to do, call Link Housing’s Assets team on 9412 5111.
  3. Contact your internet provider to get advice. You may need or want to start a new internet plan to take advantage of the benefits offered by the nbn. For example, faster speeds. View the nbn speeds that are available.
  4. Check with your landline phone service provider, if they are different to your internet provider. Ask if your existing landline phone service and your Fax machine or teletypewriter will work with the nbn.
  5. Check that your medical devices will work with the nbn. Read more about Medical alarms and the nbn.

If you or a family member have special needs or a serious medical condition, please also mention this to your phone and internet provider and ask about their assistance services.

Please note, Link Housing will take care of registering fire alarms and any other devices that are considered common property and the responsibility of the landlord.

Not sure if your property is switching over, you can type in your address on the NBN Co website and click “Check residential.”

If you have any questions about the above, please contact our Client Services team on (02) 9412 5111. Our Client Services Team will connect you with our Assets team where needed.