“Maintenance Pop Up” in Normanhurst

September 9, 2019

Some of our Normanhurst tenants recently experienced our new “Maintenance Pop Up” program, up close and personal, on Monday 9 September 2019.

We (Link Housing) invited the residents at one of our Normanhurst properties to join us, our tradespeople, property contractor, Broadspectrum and NSW Government Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) to participate in this ‘working bee’ event.

Residents were delighted to have our team there to tell them about their repairs and maintenance issues, so we could allocate the right tradesperson to go and take a look and take care of it on the spot.

Our Normanhurst tenants were really pleased with the work done; light fittings made safe, old furniture disposed of, rubbish removed, kitchens cleaned, new stoves installed, leaky taps fixed, faulty doors and locks attended to and more.

After the community room, lawns and garden beds, trees, concrete and other repairs were also done the whole property looked well cared for, tidy and inviting.

We coordinated getting as much property maintenance work done as possible on the day, so by the end of the day tenants had many issues taken care of. The issues that couldn’t be fixed on the day were scoped out and recorded and we will monitor these pending maintenance works to ensure tenant satisfaction.

Residents were also treated to morning tea, a BBQ lunch, a coffee cart and conversations with their neighbours and our staff on hand. Broadspectrum and all the contractors were so responsive, helpful and diligent that they didn’t even stop for lunch!

It was a fantastic “Maintenance Pop Up” day for the Normanhurst tenants who were very pleased with the maintenance done. Our staff also commented about the inspirational ‘sense of community’ that everyone enjoyed.

Link Housing is committed to listening to the needs of tenants and working with them to create a community and place they’re proud of. The “Maintenance Pop Up” initiative will be followed up with more engagement programs to benefit our community.

View more pictures from the day on our Facebook page.