Link Housing’s 35 Year Birthday – Welcome to our Residents

November 12, 2019

Thank you to our residents who have RSVP’d to attend our 35 Year Birthday festival this coming Sunday 17 November, 11am – 3pm at Chatswood Oval. We can’t wait to see you all there!

The event is open to everyone so it will be a big one. In fact, we are expecting up to 1000 people to attend.

As the event combines our End of Year Tenant Party, we are pleased to offer all residents who have RSVP’d a free meal at the event.

How to get your free meal

To get your free meal we ask that you register at our Link Housing Registration Desk when you arrive.


Please see the event map below for the location of the Registration Desk (number 22 on the map). It is right next to the Link Housing marquee (number 23 on the map).

When you come to the Registration Desk one of our Event Volunteers will tick your name off our list and provide you with the following which will allow you to get your free meal:

  • A wristband to wear while you are at the event. The wristband allows you to join a priority queue at the Food stands and also get your free meal. Our food vendors will only give free meals to those wearing wristbands. Look out for the “WRISTBAND” line at the food stands.
  • A voucher card as below. Please read the information on this card. You will also need to get this card ticked/marked by the food vendor.
  • Drinks are only available for free at some food stands. Please pick up your free bottle of water from the Link Housing marquee (number 23 on the event map).

Please note, wristbands and Voucher Cards will only be given to residents. Friends and your guests will have to pay for food if they are not a Link Housing resident.

All other activities at the event are FREE FOR EVERYONE!

We also invite you to pick up a free Link Housing shopper bag and other information about our services at the Link Housing marquee.

Getting to the event

Chatswood Oval is a walk from Chatswood buses and train station. However, please note there is track work over the weekend and trains may be delayed. Please check the delays here. Or for help, call us on 9412 5111.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

For more information call our Client Services Team on 9412 5111.