Link Housing expands its Tenant Advisory Group (TAG)

April 22, 2019

Watch the video below

Link Housing is excited to announce it has launched regional Tenant Advisory Groups (TAG). This will allow even more of our tenants to voice their opinions on Link Housing’s services and help us together to enhance peoples’ lives through community housing.

TAG is a forum for tenants to give their feedback on Link Housing, from our services, to policies, to procedures. Meeting once every two months, members can raise issues and suggest ideas that will help to improve how Link Housing is run.

Our mission is to make Link Housing the best community housing provider it can be, and we can’t do this without the help and feedback of our tenants. This is what makes TAG so important. If you’d like to have a voice, join your regional TAG group in your area today by:

Take a look at our video below featuring one of our amazing TAG teams who got together to give their feedback on Link Housing (and eat plenty of cake!).

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