Going Digital – Your Community Link Newsletter

March 1, 2020

Link Housing has always aimed to protect the environment. Our focus now is reducing our paper waste over the coming years. To help achieve this, from 2020, we will send a digital edition of Community Link to every tenant with a registered email address.

The digital edition will be convenient, easy to access, and reduce clutter in your letterbox.

What do residents have to do now? 

If you haven’t already completed and returned the Going Digital form, we request that you complete the online or physical form and return it by email (enquiries@linkhousing.org.au) or drop it off at our Chatswood or West Ryde office. The form can be accessed on our website.

You will also find the form attached with the March issue of the newsletter – this will be the final mail-out of the form.

If you want to keep receiving the hard copy in the mail, tick the box which says: “I want to receive the print version in the mail (tick if this applies).”

Register your email address for digital access

If you want to receive the digital edition of Community Link, you can use the same form to register your email address with Link Housing. Fill in your full name, address and postcode, email address and mobile phone number (if applicable) and return the form to us by emailing enquries@linkhousing.org.au or you can drop it off at either our Chatswood or West Ryde office.

Benefits of receiving Community Link via email

Receiving the digital edition means you can read the newsletter anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone, computer or other electronic device. The newsletter will also be available via the Link Housing website.

The interactive links will enable you to click or tap to access all the information you need on our website and social media channels.

If you don’t return the form

If you don’t complete this form we will assume that you are happy to “go digital” and we will send you Community Link by email from now on.

Contact us for further details

For more information about receiving Community Link, please call 9412 5111 or email enquiries@linkhousing.org.au You can also return the form via email or drop it in to one of our offices.

Photo credit: Konrad, Link Housing TAG member