Housing for the homeless

June 30, 2020

Link Housing is pleased to announce that we will be joining the NSW Government and our community housing partners in the $36 million Together Home project which will deliver safe, secure housing and support to hundreds of people experiencing homelessness.

Together Home will be delivered by the NSW Government, in collaboration with 18 other community housing providers, specialist homelessness services, and healthcare workers.

This collaboration means support will go beyond providing safe accommodation. Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services Gareth Ward, said, “Part of this initiative is about finding people a place to call home, but the critical next step is supporting them with the services they need improve their health and wellbeing, and to rebuild their lives.”

Described as the largest response to homelessness in NSW’s history, Together Home starts in July.

Properties from the private rental market will be secured to accommodate those experiencing homelessness.

Together Home follows the NSW Government’s initial focus and funding to get people sleeping rough into housing. In April this year, an additional $34 million was provided to prevent and respond to homelessness in response to COVID-19. The additional funding included $20 million to accelerate pathways for existing clients of homelessness services and priority social housing applicants to secure stable housing in the private rental market and $14 million for Temporary Accommodation (TA).

One client whose mother, Ms Lydia, was recently housed by Link Housing through TA and other Private Rental Assistance products, commented: “If it wasn’t for Link Housing, my mother would have continued in a vicious cycle of homelessness and with her numerous health conditions, the chances of her falling victim to COVID-19 would have increased.”

As a community housing provider, Link Housing believes everyone deserves to have a place to call home. We commend the NSW Government for the efficient delivery of the initial investment and the Together Home program. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners and the NSW Government on long-term solutions to end homelessness.

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