Do something you love with a scholarship

May 27, 2019

Are you passionate about music, art or a sports activity? Have you been wanting to learn a new skill, start a new project or job, but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

Link Housing’s Scholarship Program can help you get closer to your goals by covering the cost of your education, sports activities or special interests.

Scholarships are open to school children, TAFE or university students and people of all ages who:

  • live in a Link Housing home
  • have up-to-date rent and water repayments
  • have a payment plan if they do owe money to Link Housing

Non-Link Housing residents are also eligible if they are getting a Start Safely Subsidy or Private Rental Subsidy.

The amount you can get depends on your age and how you plan to use the scholarship. The amounts and age groups are:

Primary school children in kindergarten up to Year 6 $1000
Secondary school aged children from Year 7 to Year 12 $1,500
University or TAFE studies and personal development $2,000

You can use your scholarship to pay for lots of different things such as text books, sports equipment, outside-of-school activities like swimming, employment-related skill courses like driving lessons and more.

Last year, 34 residents received the scholarship at a very special Awards Ceremony attended by Mayor Gail Giles-Gidney and Olympic sprinter Jessica Thornton.

During her career Jessica was also awarded several scholarships and believes they played an important role in helping her achieve her dreams. In her keynote speech she shared her story and motto ‘Never give up’, inspiring everyone in attendance.

Read about one of the award recipients, Ann, who was featured in The Weekly Times, here.

For more information, check out our Scholarship Program fact sheet and the Scholarship Program guidelines.

Ready to apply? Look out for an application form in the latest issue of Community Link (tenant newsletter) or fill out the form online here.

*Please note that you will need to give us some documentation like your acceptance letter, course fees or quotes for equipment/activities with your application. Applications are assessed by Link Housing and a representative from another not-for-profit organisation. Successful applicants are invited to an awards ceremony in November/December to receive their scholarship.