Community housing industry grows

July 17, 2020

Link Housing, one of the oldest community housing providers (CHPs) in NSW, provides safe and affordable housing to people on a low income, those with a disability, and those in need of urgent housing.

The 4,800% growth in new homes being built by the community housing industry in the last 10 years, outlined in CHIA NSW’s latest report, has allowed CHPs to serve more individual clients and families in need, collectively managing more than 50,000 properties for NSW families across 45 local government areas.

Government support is always needed and appreciated. Most recently, the NSW Government has invested $36 million for the Together Home project, allowing Link Housing and our partners to deliver secure housing and support to hundreds of people experiencing homelessness.

What is Community Housing?

Link Housing offers social housing, Affordable Housing, disability housing and urgent housing services to the most vulnerable in our community. Wraparound support services delivered with our partners, and enriching programs support clients’ wellbeing and strengthen lives and communities.

Not sure what Affordable Housing is? Read: Social v affordable housing – what’s the difference?

Our people

We exist to serve people in our community who are vulnerable and have endured personal challenges.

Learn about the personal stories of our clients and their contributions to their local communities by viewing our tenant stories.

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Download the CHIA NSW report.