Christine: Housing Manager celebrates with Link Housing

October 3, 2019

As part of our Link Housing 35 Year Birthday this year we are featuring a few special people that help make Link Housing a thriving Tier 1 community housing provider that delivers with care. Introducing one of Link Housing’s longer serving staff members – Christine.

A long serving Housing Manager with Link Housing Chatswood office, Christine, shares the highlights of being in the role for 10 years plus. Her continued service during major Link Housing merges and growth has proven to be a rewarding experience.

It was Christine’s innate drive to help people that she joined Garrigal Housing, a small social housing provider, in 2008. Two years later Garrigal Housing and North Shore Community Housing merged (2010) to become Link Housing.

‘I thought I could make a difference and I really like to help people,’ she says.

From working with a small housing organisation to a larger organisation that continues to grow Christine says it’s been support from her co-workers that have encouraged her to keep accepting the challenges along the way.

As a Housing Manager with a firm but fair approach to helping tenants access services they need, Christine has been able to also provide tenants with continuity and support along their community housing journey.

Christine remarks, ‘People just want respect. You don’t know if you could ever be in that position yourself.’

The rewards for her come from ‘seeing people grow’.

She’s witnessed youth tenants educate themselves, gain tertiary qualifications and go on to purchase their own home unit. Large families that have been kept together in community housing, going through very tough times, turn their lives and circumstances around over time through education and employment.

All of this brings her a little bit of a smile as she knows these tenants are breaking a cycle. Christine is a fan of the Michelangelo theory of getting a result from chipping away over time at something.

‘My favourite day is the annual Tenant Christmas Party when I see tenants smiling, enjoying themselves and happy,’ she finishes.

We invite you to celebrate our Link Housing 35 Year Birthday with us on Sunday 17 November 2019, from 11am to 3pm at Chatswood Oval (Albert Ave & Orchard Rd) for a Sunday fun day with refreshments, entertainment and more!

Register your interest on our facebook event here:

For Link Housing residents, your invitation is in the mail.