An inside look at Link Housing

September 11, 2019

Link Housing doubled in size in 2018. We now operate with a staff of 100 that manage approximately 4000 properties and tenancies from our offices in Chatswood and West Ryde. 

As our growing organisation, and hardworking teams expand and keep delivering on our vision, ‘Enhancing lives through community housing’, and our mission, ‘to work together to provide safe and affordable housing that strengthens lives and communities’ – it begs the question, ‘What’s it like on the inside?’ 

This is what some staff said about working at Link Housing (LH) recently. 

Arnel, Senior Disability Housing Specialist 

“It’s a fun place, it’s like family. I do work with a lot of people. We’ve grown so quickly the last 12 months. One thing I love about working at LH is we do have flexible working arrangements. I heard about Link Housing as a non-government organisation and I needed a difference in my (work) environment, so I joined LH where there’s the opportunity to grow.  

“LH provides a safe workplace, and ensures staff enjoy the workplace and the work that they do. Because of the diversity, because of the differences and the almost family spirit – it’s enjoyable working here. A strong value that LH promotes.”  

Dimitra, Income Review Officer 

“I truly love my colleagues and my peers, everybody is so warm. It really feels like a home away from home. Working at Link Housing is always so much fun, there’s always food and something happening. We’re involved with the community quite a lot, there’s always events for our tenants, and staff. The biggest difference working at LH compared to previous jobs is at the end of the day, I do go home feeling quite fulfilled. I feel I’ve contributed to someone’s life, more than just one person. It feels quite gratifying to have contributed, it’s very, very fulfilling for me personally.” 

Seb, Team Leader 

“Since day one, I felt really welcome. It’s like a big happy family here, everyone is here to support you and wants you to do well. A big plus for me is there’s flexibility around working hours. I’m not afraid to discuss flexibility about working hours so that I can have a good work-life balance.” 

So, now you know a little bit more about Link Housing on the inside and what’s important to our staff. To view more, see here.