Beecroft House: Housing Partnership Project for Women Over 55

August 19, 2019

A unique project led by Women’s Community Shelter (WCS), in partnership with Link Housing and others, has created a new, safe and secure housing option for women over 55 years-old. 

The new accommodation, Beecroft House, has recently been refurbished to offer safe studio style accommodation that includes; fresh interiors, shared bathroom – with one other tenant, well-appointed communal kitchen facilities, three social rooms, convenient parking and walking distance to public transport (500 metres), providing easy access to Sydney CBD.

Staff are available on-site or on-call during work hours (M-F 9.30am-4.30pm), with after hours on-call and other tailored support on an as needs basis.

A new initiative: “Meanwhile use” and “pop-up housing”

The project uses a model called “meanwhile use” or “pop-up housing”. This is where empty buildings that may remain vacant for a year or two while their development applications and plans are confirmed, are leased and repurposed to become a safe and secure accommodation option for those who need it.

The model creates an opportunity to assist those desperately in need of affordable housing options, while also keeping the immediate streetscape and area vibrant.

An attractive option for building owners and developers

Perhaps the greatest benefit for property owners and developers is that the buildings are maintained and managed by a third party during their “meanwhile use”,   relieving them of these responsibilities while they’re waiting for development applications to be approved.

Additionally, property owners and developers that enter into these leases with community housing providers, such as Link Housing, are contributing to communities by assisting provide temporary housing and shelter – a fundamental human need – within their scope.

Who can apply?

Beecroft House is available for women over 55 years for up to two years, with follow on support provided to identify permanent housing options at the end of their tenancy.

Learn more about Beecroft House here

Beecroft House Media release