5 ways to stay happy and healthy

May 18, 2020

While we’re self-isolating and social distancing, it is important to care for ourselves, do what we love doing, and keep in touch with family, friends and others in our neighbourhood.

Link Housing’s Community Programs team is hosting Virtually Linked, a free online hub where residents can access various programs such as gentle exercise workshops, art classes, cooking tutorials and Bingo!

1. Keep talking – We have been calling community housing tenants during our Stay Connected campaign to check on their wellbeing

  • Our tenants are welcome to call us at anytime to talk to your Housing Manager or one of our friendly staff members 😊Call 9412 5111
  • Keep in contact with your family, friends and neighbours
  • If you are elderly and live alone you can call services like Telecross or scroll to the bottom of this page for other numbers to call.

2. Keep you brain active – We all have more time on our hands and it’s important to keep our brain active

  • Do the crossword in your local paper or pick up puzzle book from a bookstore for $2 or less (bookstores are open as essential business). Puzzle apps/games are also available if you’re online
  • Now is a great time to learn a new skill. See our recent blog Free online learning for ideas
  • Try listening to a podcast to feed your brain … there are lots of options! Do an online search for podcasts on topics that you have an interest in.

3. Exercise – It’s good for your body and brain

4. Enjoy arts and culture – It’s good for the soul

  • Get creative and enter our art exhibition or photo competition, or both before Friday 26 June 2020
  • Pick up a book from you local Street Library and meet your neighbours there. Street libraries are being built at many of our properties very soon, so keep a look out!
  • See Google Arts and Culture to take virtual tours of famous museums around the world like Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The Louvre museum, in Paris, is also offering its own virtual tour online for free.

5. Laugh (alot) – Laughing is great for our general health

It’s OK to ask for help – See the below of a range of helpful resources