More than 35 years of community housing leadership

February 4, 2021

For over 35 years, Link Housing, a Tier 1 community housing provider, has been advocating for more community housing and innovative solutions to meet the housing needs of the Northern Sydney and broader community.

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To this end, we also support and work closely with the Australasian Housing Institute, PowerHousing Australia, Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) and CHIA NSW.

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Through events, media, forums and conferences, we continue to advocate on issues that affect our clients, influence government policy and decision-making, and help educate the community about the need for more safe, secure, appropriate and affordable housing via the community housing sector.

See below for recordings of one of our conferences, discussing the creation of housing options on Sydney’s North Shore, where Gladys Berejiklian was a special guest.

Creating Housing Options on the North Shore Part 1
Part 2

To see the work that we do, please also watch the below speeches from our 30th anniversary event held at NSW Parliament House in 2014. We were privileged to celebrate our 30th anniversary in the presence of the Hon Gabrielle Upton MP, representing both Prime Minister Tony Abbott and NSW Premier Mike Baird.

To find out more about Link Housing’s plans and strategies, or to see our media features, please visit our Resources page.

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